Join Me

I posted last about my new website Vree Erickson at It features the writing aspects of my life, which I’ve discontinued here. I want to focus on the art side of my life here, if and when I get around to it. If not, I may close this site and put my money and efforts in my writing website. I’m giving both projects a year before I make any decisions.

Meanwhile, you may wonder why I’m doing this. Why not leave things alone? The answer is brand. One of my followers, whom I’ve followed for ten or more years, writes often about brands and what they mean. For this website, the brand has been twofold: art and writing.

This site began in 2011 as a place to feature my art, then became a place to feature my books two years later. I’ve since stopped making art in favor of writing, mainly because I lost my art studio, but also because I enjoy writing more.

If you like my books and enjoy reading the “behind the scenes” of writing them, who the characters are, excerpts from my books, challenges, and more, please join me at Vree Erickson. I think it’s a better deal than offering a newsletter.

I hope to see you there.

Thanks for reading.

My New Website and Blog

Good news! I launched a new website yesterday here at WordPress. It’s called Vree Erickson, and it’s going to deal exclusively with writing and publishing my Ridgewood stories. I’m inviting all my followers here to follow along on this venture. The address is

As you can see by the address, it’s a free site and will have ads. I don’t plan on putting any money into it by upgrading unless I get over 100 legitimate followers. (I say legitimate because I’m wary of the authenticity of some current websites that have no content and/or logos, and the “authors” have no public profile photos. But I digress.) If sales of my books increase, I may consider buying a Pro plan. But only if sales become good enough to justify the upgrade.

Meanwhile, I’m changing the appearance of the website here at, which will go unnoticed to everyone who follows me via the WordPress Reader function. I’m old-school, however, so I like visiting websites than reading posts via the Reader. It’s a more colorful world that way. If you do too, take a look around.

Anyway, I hope you’ll join me on my new venture.