Rock Paintings

It was time to be a visual artist again, so I spent a couple days getting my artist’s eye back in shape by working on some sketches. I decided to look at rocks and study their shapes and colors. I’ve chosen 3 better ones to share.

They’re all acrylic paintings on paper and cardboard—something I started doing years ago when I painted field studies of wildlife. Paper and cardboard are cheap and easy to find around the house, and they’re lighter to lug around outdoors than canvas and canvas boards.

Rocks study, large rocks, 8×10

I love earth colors. But they can be a bit dull, gray and dark, so I punched the colors up a bit. One facet of art is the exaggeration an artist puts into their artwork. I had fun with color and tried to be as painterly as possible too.

When I’m a bit rusty with my craft, I tend to draw with my brushes instead of painting with them. Squinting at my subject blurs the image and keeps me from seeing edges. Then I load my brushes and lay down paint and color, mixing values on the paper. That way the objects look like they haven’t been cut and pasted on.

Rocks study, creek rocks, 8×10

I exaggerated the colors in the above illustration with reds, blues and a spot of green, which was a lot of fun to do. No masterpiece here. But, oh well. I needed a break from writing and this was the perfect escape.

Rocks study, more creek rocks, 8×10

I have always enjoyed going to the local creeks and wading with bare feet over the large flat rocks and turning them over to see what aquatic life lay underneath. Good times.


Broken Rocks

On broken rocks along the shoreline
The caves of storm nymphs hold scattered remains of every sunken ship

There walks Adam’s Lilith—
Collier’s too
Her body covered by the serpent’s twine—
ophidian lover—
demon of night and day

They dance surrounded by sweet sirens songs
They weave their tapestry before a lengthy mirror
which looks out of lawmen’s forbidden window
to the naked world outside where rulers have fallen from the sky—
Where sea nymphs lament their deaths the way they mourned Icarus
And lured Hylas to his watery grave by their cries near the shore
Where Lilith crushes beauty beneath her bare feet