Cling [poetry]

When the fires raged
When the sky reddened and aged
Who walked on water and stayed upright?
Who entered the horrific night to fight?
Who sent us a message while the parched lands burned?
And from those words, what did we learn?

The ground is harder the further we’re from it and only at length can we plummet.

So we cling to this earth
Cling to our hearts
Cling to our souls and our heads;
We cling to our daydreams
That sail in the mainstream
Of the story we haven’t yet read.

Burning [poetry]

Remember the drought, dry grasses and winds?
Our wildfire moon was red
—everything else was black char, ash-fog, so thick we couldn’t breathe
There seemed no escape but death

Fire blocked our roads
Stay-put-and-find-shelter fireman filled our minds with dread
Our very souls grew heavy with smoke

If we were to die by fire, we prayed it would take us quickly
We didn’t want to end up news stories on someone’s flickering TV
—coverage all night
—news bites all morning
Or on the cover of LIFE atop a coffee table across the globe
Where we imagined there was rain
Where there were no fires
Where we could press our blistered bodies against rain-soaked houses
And feel alive again.