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Liam’s Kismet © 1991, 2003

A married man struggles with the elements of time to find his wife.

This story is an older draft of my book, Kismet: A Ridgewood Tale, at Smashwords. This is a sci-fi time travel novella that deals with two people truly in love, the consequences of loss, and the hope of being reunited.

The Vanishing © 1999

A young woman ignores warnings from an old woman who claims to be her daughter.

This is a predecessor story to my novella, Kismet: A Ridgewood Tale, and features a grownup version of Dave Evans. (Dave is the boyhood friend of Lenny Stevens. You can read more about Dave and Lenny by searching my website.)

Are We There Yet © 1999

A strange story about a boy and his family moving to a new town.

I wrote this short story in 1999 and recycled parts of it years later for my novel, Margga’s Curse, when I wrote about Vree Erickson and her family’s move to Ridgewood.

Night of the Hellhounds © 1974, 1985, 1999

Three teenagers gather at Myers Ridge for a night of bonding … and frights.

I wrote several versions of this theme over a span of many years, which began at high school and continued through college and beyond. “Night of the Hellhounds” became the basis of my Margga’s Curse novel at Smashwords.

Bottom of the Seventh © 1974, 1989, 1999

True love between a boy and girl helps win a high school baseball game.

Another short story I wrote in high school, which followed me through college and beyond. I wrote many baseball stories prior to this one, but this was the first story to feature fantasy and horror elements, as well as love and loss.