All books listed below are Portable Document Format (PDF) files that you can download free. If you would like to convert these books into compatible files for your e-readers, the free ebook management tool Calibre is a great program to use. You can get Calibre at

If you are a member of Wattpad, you can also read and comment on these stories at Steve Campbell’s Wattpad page.

Newest to the oldest:

Liam’s Kismet © 2003 (From a 1991 draft)

A man struggles with the elements of time to find his wife.

An older draft of Kismet: A Ridgewood Tale before I rewrote it. Partly sci-fi time travel, this novella for the most part deals with two people truly in love, the consequences of loss, and the hope of being reunited.



The Vanishing © 1999

A young woman ignores warnings from an old woman who claims to be her daughter.

This is a predecessor story to my novella, Kismet, and features a grownup version of Dave Evans, the boyhood friend of Lenny Stevens. You can read more about Dave by searching my blog.



Are We There Yet © 1999

A strange story about a boy and his family moving to a new town.

I wrote this short story in 1999 and recycled parts of it years later for my novel, Margga’s Curse, when I wrote about Vree Erickson and her family’s move to Ridgewood.



Night of the Hellhounds © 1985 (From a 1974 draft)

Three teenagers gather at Myers Ridge for a night of bonding … and scares.

I wrote several versions over time, which began at high school and continued through college. I presented two versions at my website that became the basis of my Margga’s Curse novel.



Bottom of the Seventh © 1989, 1999 (From a 1974 story)

True love between a boy and girl helps win a high school baseball game.

Another short story I wrote in high school. I wrote many baseball stories prior to this one, but this was the first one to feature elements from fantasy and horror, and to deal with love and loss.



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