About the Writer

I’ve been a writer longer than I’ve been an artist and was a journalist for my high school and college newspapers. I began writing fantasy fiction in high school and began self-publishing my stories in 1997. I became an Amazon author in 2013. There, I publish small-town suburban country fantasy fiction, which features a strange town I call Ridgewood. It began many years ago as Ravenwood (an honor to Edgar Allan Poe). My early Ravenwood stories are in the Ravenwood Chapters section of the My Writing category. Many of them have a reoccurring character named Vree Erickson (sometimes spelled Erikson). My stories span nearly a lifetime of writing.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my website.

Thank you for visiting and reading.

10 thoughts on “About the Writer

    1. Steve Campbell

      Thanks Amy. 😀

      It is day #2 and I am still learning WordPress, reading and studying at the different forums. I may actually begin blogging something worthwhile soon.


    1. Steve Campbell

      Kathy, it took several people to convince me to begin a blog.
      It would be nice to receive recognition for my work, but just knowing someone is reading this blog is recognition enough.

    1. Steve Campbell

      Thank you for the invitation, Eternalflame. I have no personal stories, but my wife has. Together, we support the causes and rallies here to fight the disease. Perhaps she’ll allow me to share with you one of her stories.

  1. Steven, thanks very much for spending time on my blog yesterday and liking so many of the posts. I’m looking very forward to following and enjoying your work as well.

    1. Steve Campbell

      Although property owners complain about the flooding, it is wonderful to have beaver ponds. Many of my days have been spent sitting at these ponds and watching, listening and “getting in tune”. That’s what I’ve found at your blog. Super.

    1. Steve Campbell

      You’re welcome. Sorry it took me this long. Too many things going on in life.

      I hope all is going well for you.

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