Apple Orchard [poetry repost]

Apple Orchard
Apple Orchard, Oil Painting

In small acreage on a hilly clearing,
Sunny morning shines golden on chalky-pink blossoms;
I pause and prolong my hike to watch sunbeams lick away dewdrops
Soaking in shaded greenery of an apple orchard.

Craggy, crabby branches nod jaggedly at a breeze dashing across the way;
Wasps complain from gray papery hives swaying above me;
A hummingbird pauses and peeks inside a blossom—
Perhaps she smells the jellies, pies and cider clearly on my mind.

I head away on journey once more,
Longing to return and sample ripe fruit from the trees.

© 2006

9 thoughts on “Apple Orchard [poetry repost]

  1. That’s a cool painting. the leaves on the trees and on the flowers on the ground are painted like how I was working on one titled Bridging the Bearing Straight where on the edge of two continents I had land mass and made the same shapes like those there in your trees and flowers. I have brushes and acrylics.

  2. I’m a grandpa still trying to make my gold somehow so me and my wife can travel America and journal and take pictures. I did sketch a few pictures of people that came out as really good resemblances. Artwork is historic for the human race, it’s something people can identify too. It’s just something really beautiful to me when one looks at something with value and appreciates it enough it is put on a canvass. When a human being paints on a canvass like environmental scenes it’s significant to the painter and viewer and it’s something where our conscious is.

  3. That painting of the tree above the tree trunk and branches looks like my winter scene I painted of my tree in my back yard with all the snow. I sat up on my medical bed and began painting a canvass of what the snowstorm looked like outside, it was peaceful and calming looking. I probably could use someone to help me along. If you want me to take a picture of one of my paintings or cartoons to see where I need to brush up on that could be helpful. At the Chicago botanic gardens I was told not to sell anything under a certain ad price. I used their advice and went and advertised on an alternate social media site and someone mailed me a really bogus check and I tried to deposit it before mailing the painting and it cost me money at the bank because it was a fake Xerox machine printed check, it’s really bad.

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