A Louie and Bruce Christmas Comic Strip

While going through more boxes in storage, I found this Louie & Bruce comic strip among my papers from teaching cartooning to kids years ago … I think it was 1988.

I know … I thought I had finished writing about my old strip, but chance and fate had other plans.

With Christmas five days away, this strip fits with the season.

This comic strip is unique because I’m not the sole author. While teaching, I had my students help write the strip by first calling out ideas and then dialogue. This way, they saw the strip grow from beginning to end.

I’m not sure why we chose Christmas and Santa for a theme during a summer class, but the theme was fun to work with and caused a lot of laughter and excitement in the classroom … especially the idea of Louie sitting on Santa’s lap as if he were still a little boy.

Merry Christmas everybody, and Happy Holidays.

4 thoughts on “A Louie and Bruce Christmas Comic Strip

  1. I was in that class. ☺ I was the 7 year old girl who named Louie’s buzzards. They were my cousins’ names. I wish I could turn back time, I had lots of fun in that class.

  2. Gosh! If I’d been next in line, I woulda climbed up and told Mr. Kringle, “I’ll have the same!” Whoa!– you taught kids cartooning?? I guess I missed that! It’s one of those massive good deeds that gets you on Santa’s Nice list for life!!– at least I’d like to think so! Thanks for sharing, Steve. Hope this finds you well and in good spirits. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and all sorts of success and happiness in the coming year!! 👍 😊

    1. I loved teaching the kids. I had wildlife drawing and painting classes and landscape painting classes. I enjoyed them all, but the cartoon/comic strip classes were the best. I taught from 1988 to 1997 when I co-founded an art club. Then I taught adults in the club until I left six years ago. I miss it.
      Thanks for the kind words, Mark. I wish you a very Merry Christmas too and loads of success and happiness in the future as well. ☺👍

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