Louie’s Problems

I’m going to feature “old” artwork—mostly comics and other drawings from the 1980s and 90s—during November and December to close out the year.

This is another Louie and Bruce comic page from 1981 that I’ve never featured here before. Like the one in my last post, I found this comic while I was going through old boxes.

The strip is divided by two jokes. I remember this type of setup featured in all the Sunday comics at the time. Some newspapers cut the three-row comics to two rows, so cartoonists would feature a throwaway gag in the first row, as I did in my comic strip here. The gag is an old joke that’s been around forever.

The second and third rows feature the story, which has Louie lamenting to Frank about life at home with his family’s pets. This is the sort of gag I remember from watching “variety hour” TV, which was a modernization of vaudeville.

I love the classic jokes.

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