Hell’s Fury [politics]

I usually stay away from politics when I’m on the internet. Too many uneducated people try to sway my opinions with poor arguments that would get them laughed out of a Philosophy 101 class.

Anyway, there’s a big stink in the state of Pennsylvania (and I don’t mean the governor this time) over the POTUS election. And one of those stinks involves my wife.

She discovered that her vote didn’t count because she used a Sharpie on the ballot. A Sharpie on a table at the polls that a worker there told her to use.

And now her vote is invalid.


How ridiculous … lousy political snafu … stupid is that?

A lot more stupid than our 43rd and 44th presidents put together.

As it stands, there’s an investigation going on over misconduct at the polls in Pennsylvania.

All I can say is this election was a farce and an embarrassment to U.S. citizens. And if Biden is POTUS come January 20, 2021, comedians are going to have a field day with that stooge.

***UPDATE*** Pennsylvania officials say that while they preferred voters to use either blue or black ink pens on ballots, the Sharpe ballots were not discounted. Meanwhile, Pennsylvania poll workers claim Sharpie ballots were destroyed and not counted.