The New Two-Day Delivery Service

I recently had major surgery and spent two weeks in the hospital before the doctor sent me home to finish recuperating. I spent a lot of time in my hospital bed reading ebooks on my tablet and phone. But when I got home, I wanted to have some hard copy books to read while stuck in my recliner. So, I headed to Amazon and placed an order for two-day delivery. That was two days ago. It took Amazon that long to process my order of a book in stock and then ship it. My book, Amazon tells me, will arrive Monday … two days from today.


I understand that they are likely understaffed during our COVID-19 crisis. But I noticed a slippage in their prompt service before the worldwide outbreak.

Amazon has been slacking on their two-day shipping, which bothers me because I pay yearly for the promised 2-day delivery.

Once upon a time, Amazon delivered all my orders via either FedEx or UPS and shipping was great. Always on time. Never an issue.

I usually order books, no more than three at a time, so the packages from Amazon aren’t large, which is a problem for FedEx and UPS who are geared for delivering BIG packages. Because of financial losses from delivering hundreds of small packages all over the U.S., FedEx discontinued its air and ground contract with Amazon. Then UPS did the same for its delivery of small packages. Now (and I have seen this happen in my town), the drivers drop off the small packages at post offices on the day the packages are due to arrive to the customer. Then the packages sit at the post offices for another day or longer before delivered.

As I said, FedEx and UPS no longer deliver my Amazon orders. Nowadays, Amazon sends all my orders through (shudder) the United States Postal Service (aka the USPS—snail mail). Since then, none … and I mean absolutely 0 … of my purchases has arrived at the promised delivery times.

I never know anymore how long after Amazon’s promised delivery date my orders will arrive.

And this is happening to others too.

Just this week, my wife had an order arrive at our post office at 8:00am on its promised delivery date and sit there until the following day. It sat there because our post office won’t sort any mail and packages that arrive after 6:00am.

A coworker had his Amazon order arrive at our post office on its promised delivery day, sit there unattended for a day, then go to a nearby city, sit there for another day, and then return to our post office before he received it 3 days late.


By the way, when my wife complained to Amazon’s customer service about her order’s late delivery, they said it’s the US Postal Service who’s to blame, and rightfully so, but she is paying for a service that Amazon isn’t honoring.

To “justify” the situation, Amazon gave her a ten-dollar credit on her next order.

I’m sure not all U.S. post offices are as bad as the one in my town, so I don’t mean to lump them together when I complain about the slow service the USPS offers where I live. And I’m sure customer complaints to other postmasters don’t fall on deaf ears like they do here. But deaf postmasters have been a way of life in this town since the day I moved to it in 1981.

So, the bottom line is Amazon’s two-day delivery is a thing of the past for me. Therefore, there is no reason for me to pay extra for a service Amazon won’t honor via the USPS.

And that’s too bad.

4 thoughts on “The New Two-Day Delivery Service

  1. Glad to know you’re doing well after surgery. And sorry to hear you’re having a bad time with Amazon. Clearly, they aren’t as good as they used to be. I rarely get my deliveries on time and their Prime service is lacking in the prime department, which is why I cancelled Prime last year. My orders still take the same amount of time to come without it, and I pay less. Good luck, Steve, hang in there and get feeling better.

    1. Steve Campbell

      Thanks Lola. Except for allergies and Amazon, I’m doing okay, taking one day at a time to get back on my feet. By the way, the order I mentioned in this post hasn’t come yet. I’m seriously considering canceling my Prime membership. Oh well, all good things end, I guess.

  2. Hi, Steve. Aw, man, I feel bad. Just read your previous post about your bad reaction to wearing a mask, and now you’re recovering from major surgery?? That is too much bad luck all at once!!– and lousy delivery service to boot! I’m so sorry. I do hope your recovery is progressing nicely, and I’ll get you on my prayer list. Hang in there and keep smiling!! 😊😊😊👍💪🍷🍸🍹😊

    1. Steve Campbell

      Thanks for keeping me in your prayers. It was a scary ordeal for a while. Although I’m not out of danger yet, I feel a lot better and I’m back on my feet, just not moving very well. But the docs and nurses say I’m doing excellent, and the surgery outpatient nurse says I should be ready to go back to work this coming Monday. I just have to take it easy and ease back into the job. It means I’ll have to wear a mask again, but I have a better mask that will keep me from having breathing problems. In the meantime, I have to keep an eye on the problem that put me in the hospital for surgery. I definitely don’t want to go through that again. Thanks again Mark. 😊 Stay well. 👍👍👍

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