Inheritance, by Carolyn Cox [guest post]

We sit on Mother Earth,
Her watchful eye and furrowed brow creased in worry
As she watches over us with feet of prosperity.

Pollution and decay all around us;
We who snatch the grain from her warm, soft soil,
Always taking, never giving
While birds of the field scatter seed to replenish her storehouse.

We who had everything now have nothing;
Our wretched selves have robbed us of our inheritance
For we squandered the plenty of the land.

Copyright © 1999, Carolyn Cox

About Carolyn

Carolyn Cox isn’t yet sure where her writing will take her. Her interests in writing range from poetry, to fiction, to history, to interviews, to a projected novel “based on my life.” Add her enjoyment in reading historical romances and mysteries and you have a writer with many possibilities.

Carolyn has written for Steppin’ Out magazine, the Erie Times-News newspaper, the Corry Journal newspaper, and the local Cancer Society newsletter. Some of her favorite articles were about cats, games of the Crow Indians, and historical sites, such as Howard’s Tannery and Moore’s Little Store.

“The Writer’s Block gives me ideas, motivation and support,” she says. “Plus we’ve developed a deep rapport among members.”

“My husband Charlie is very supportive of all I do,” she adds.

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