Vree’s Journal Entry 6 [fiction]

It took me a while to dig up this information from Luken. Here it is:

Quinn Bettencourt, My Wizard Uncle:

Quinn Bettencourt is my maternal grandmother’s 45-year-old son. He has dark-brown hair, beard stubble (he calls it 5 o’clock shadow—he always looks like he needs to shave before the end of the day), dark blue eyes that sometimes look black, and very white teeth, which shows often when he smiles. He has a thin build but is strong. I saw him once without a shirt and he had a well-toned chest and muscular arms. And he walks with a small limp—he favors his right leg.

He often wears buttoned shirts with collars and sharp-pressed trousers, though he does wear jeans. His shoes, however, are always dark brown leather oxfords when I see him. And he wears earthy sweaters and long knitted scarves during autumn, winter, and springtime.

According to Luken, nuns stripped Quinn of most of his magic while he was in France. Now, he can read thoughts, but they are impressions and occur as pictures in his mind, which he sometimes mistakes as foggy memories of dreams he has had. He can also sense psychic impressions (vibrations) left on an object by someone connected with it, so if you were to lose your car keys, for example, he would sense they belong to you. That is the limit of his magic, which weakens as he grows older.

He has two stepsisters from Trevor’s marriage to a French woman named Bianca: Phoebe, who is 59 and Dextra, who is 57.


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