When the fires raged
When the sky reddened and aged
Who walked on water and stayed upright?
Who entered the horrific night to fight?
Who sent us a message while the parched lands burned?
And from those words, what did we learn?

The ground is harder the further we’re from it and only at length can we plummet.

So we cling to this earth
Cling to our hearts
Cling to our souls and our heads;
We cling to our daydreams
That sail in the mainstream
Of the story we haven’t yet read.

2 thoughts on “Cling

    1. Steve Campbell

      Thanks Mark. This poem is from my 2007 notebook. I wrote many poems from 1986 to 2009 before the story bug bit me and took me here to WordPress in 2011. I may have to find those notebooks and post more poetry. 👍

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