Broken Rocks [poetry]

On broken rocks along the shoreline
The caves of storm nymphs hold scattered remains of every sunken ship

There walks Adam’s Lilith—
Collier’s too
Her body covered by the serpent’s twine—
ophidian lover—
demon of night and day

They dance surrounded by sweet sirens songs
They weave their tapestry before a lengthy mirror
which looks out of lawmen’s forbidden window
to the naked world outside where rulers have fallen from the sky—
Where sea nymphs lament their deaths the way they mourned Icarus
And lured Hylas to his watery grave by their cries near the shore
Where Lilith crushes beauty beneath her bare feet

Down River Hebrus [fiction]

Sweet Sarah dreamed she sailed alone down River Hebrus where she found sudden love at the center of a liquid mirror that reverberated with the clear perfection of her face—with angelic grace, as done by the master hand of the world’s finest Victorian painter.

The morning sun behind her poured her shadow like honey over daisies sunning themselves in the eastern sky,. Dimension of depth seized the pink and blue clouds over her. While she watched everything around her, she strolled to the lake shore where water nymph lovers made her their maiden queen.

They called her Promise, gave her a throne, and sang songs to her. They presented to her Pandora’s wounded body in a blue world flashing with the decaying sounds of war, whereupon she ordered all sentries to burn their weapons and to lay Pandora alongside the head of Orpheus in the garden of Cupid where Psyche still waits for his kiss beneath a pregnant sky of stars ready to sprinkle down upon her bosom.

And then, around the weddings of children finally thirteen, she tended Pandora’s wounds. With Okeanos’s authority, she forgave Apollo of his crime, healed all hearts and flesh of the blackness of their wicked church, and took away the hour that would be winter eating the earth forever.