Another Move [fiction]

Not long after police released Sarah from jail, she posted an announcement on her MySpace site, telling her followers she had a new job offer (one that would cause her to move again). Emails told her to go. But she chewed on her fingernails while she mulled over what was best for her: stay put and grow roots, or go where she would be a stranger once more.

She swam in anxiety over it. On the plus side, the new job was a move up the ladder of success, and a move that would make her mother happy. She hasn’t done a lot in her life to make Mom happy, so it squeezed her soul to think she would hurt her once again if she decided against accepting the job. A definite minus.

If she took the job, she would be one of the youngest employees working this sort of job. A positive? Negative? She wasn’t sure, but OMG! What would her new colleagues think of working with someone only 26 years old? These people were in their thirties to sixties and a lot more experienced.


She had three days to decide.

*Another gulp.*

It all seemed happening too fast.

When she had started working at the NYC bank at New Rochelle in 2002, she figured she would still be there. But then she was promoted to Chicago three years ago. She still had suitcases that needed unpacked.

Dad had been a Navy man, so she knew all about relocating. Mom hated it and complained when he got new orders. Those complaints echoed in her ears as she took her suitcases from under her bed and readied herself for another move.

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