Book Sequels: Thanks For All the Fish

As an avid reader of sci-fi/fantasy I am not particularly fond of book sequels and series that go beyond trilogies. I like discovering characters and growing with them, which is why I favor the first books of every series I have read; beyond that, the character growth slows and sometimes stops after the second book. Of course, there are exceptions. Harry Potter for instance, grew and changed with every book. Still, I almost stopped reading the series after the third book, perhaps because I have conditioned myself to stick with trilogies when investing in an author’s series. I almost did the same with Douglas Adams’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, hence the title of today’s blog.

I like to read sci-fi/fantasy written for all ages, so it is common for someone to find me reading books for children and young adults along with the highly technical tomes for older adults. Overall, I enjoy YA books best, probably because today’s YA books are innovative, sophisticated, and deal with challenging issues.

Lately, I have eyed Cornelia Funke’s Reckless, apparently the first book in a new series she is writing. I love her Ink Heart trilogy, and this book sounds like something I would write. It is about a boy who disappears into a fantasy world behind a mirror to escape reality. Wait a minute. I did write a story about a boy who escapes reality by passing through a mirror—a story I wrote 40 years ago and am now rewriting. The mirror is a green crystal and the boy is a girl named Verawenda Erickson. Sorry Lenny.

All the Time, Changing

I wrote earlier this year (March 20) at my website that my friend Laura Gilson-Comier and I were co-writing Green Crystal Stories at Amazon. We planned to publish the book in July. Unfortunately—or fortunately—Laura has a new job in Tokyo and cannot finish writing the book with me. Therefore, we have decided to scrap the book as a co-authored one. This will delay the new novel’s planned release date because I am rewriting it as the sole author now. Laura has agreed to rewrite her work for a future project once she is settled. Meanwhile, I took the liberty of renaming the book Green Crystal Gambit and penciled in a tentative release date of September or earlier. I will still feature Vree Erickson as the main character in the novel, which will turn it into book 2 of a series because of her major role in the preceding Night of the Hellhounds novel. I am playing with the idea of calling the series “The Vree Erickson Chronicles” because the books are a narrative description of her life written in chronological order.

Of course, I will have to work on my partiality to trilogies if I decide to write beyond a third book. Until then, I will keep you posted on the book’s progress … and hopefully pick up some new readers and fans along the way.

Giving Thanks

The Green Crystal Stories would not be a project if not for Lola Gentry-Dey, the person who helped get the Night of the Hellhounds story rolling in 1999. Lola was a young female SoCal writer-poet-artist-musician-photographer whom I met at an online writing group. We shared an interest in urban fantasy, so we sometimes bounced story ideas off each other, usually via emails that went “Hey, I wrote some paragraphs of a story that has no direction, so go ahead and add whatever you think works and get back to me.” That’s how NotH got rolling, and she helped me write the ending of the first short story version at my old website. Fifteen years later, she freely and with an overly generous heart allowed me to feature some of her story ideas in NotH, as well as include some of the wonderful poetry she wrote. Plus, she has been a valuable beta reader, finding errors and challenging my ideas (she proofread the final draft of NotH and, yes, challenged several of my ideas). Her benignity was greatly appreciated. That is why I am delighted that she agreed to proofread GCG.

Thanks also to April Helmuth and Bruce Pratt, two friends, co-workers, and Kindle authors who let me share story ideas with them in the break room, and who always want to know when I am publishing my next book for their Kindle e-readers. Their curiosity, insight, and comments are forever invaluable.

Biggest thanks go to my wife, Jennie, who allows me to devote time to the stories that fill my head. I love her, always.

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