Help a Guy Out [fiction guest post]

Lenny Stevens

Hi. My name is Lenny Stevens. I’m fifteen years old—although I was sixteen and seventeen a long time ago. But things changed in my life and I became fifteen again. Any fiction writers reading this will understand.

Okay, yes, I probably should have mentioned upfront that I’m a fictional character. But that doesn’t make me less real.

I was born in 1970 … I mean, I was created in 1970 by Steve Campbell, the author of my stories. I was thirteen then, lived in a big house with my mom and dad in Ridgewood, Pennsylvania, and was best friends with Dave Evans. Dave lived out of town on Myers Ridge with his parents and his twin sister, Amy. They no longer exist … I mean, they do exist, but not as the people I knew from 1970 to 1975. Now, Mr. and Mrs. Evans are characters with different names and married to other people, and Dave and Amy are brother and sister to a girl named Vree Erickson. Dave, Amy and Vree are triplets and Vree has psychic powers because lightning struck her.

Anyway, Dave and I were best friends in the 70s, went to Ridgewood High School back when miniskirts and bellbottom jeans were in fashion, and did practically everything together. We got as far as twelfth grade before Steve stopped writing about us. He saved our stories in some 3-ring binders and kept them in a box while he graduated high school, joined the Navy for six years, went off to college for four years, and married and became a dad. Now, his kids are grown up and he’s busy changing the stories in those binders. Personally, I’d rather he not change anything, but the damage is already done. I call it damage because Dave is Vree’s brother now and not very friendly. Read Steve’s book Night of the Hellhounds and you’ll see what I mean. I miss hanging with the old Dave.

I miss my old parents and my big brother and sister, too. My new mom is dead and my dad is the high school’s art teacher and an artist. I’m good at art too, though I never was before Steve published Night of the Hellhounds. I have a different big sister who runs the restaurant my new mom used to own, and I have two younger sisters whom I’m just now getting to know. So far, we’re not very close.

Steve isn’t the only writer who has changed my character. His friend Lola wrote me as a miscreant teenager when she and Steve collaborated on the Night of the Hellhounds book. They scrapped the collaboration when Lola moved to the UK to some place called Leeds with her husband and kids, and Steve deleted the scenes where I behaved like a degenerate before he published the book.

I’m really a good guy. I truly believe that. And I believe I can carry the lead in Steve’s novels. I know Vree is the main character in his planned books about Ridgewood and me, but I think I’ve been around long enough that I can vest the readers’ interest and carry a story from beginning to end easily. That’s why I’ve been interrupting Steve’s writing sessions and whispering at him while he’s drifting off to sleep. I’ve even haunted some of his dreams.

And that leads to why I’m writing this.

If you believe I could be the lead character in one of Steve’s forthcoming novels, leave a reply and let him know. If enough of his readers back me, then my dream could come true.

Whattaya say? Help a guy out before Steve does something crazy like having my family move away, or worse, killing me off like he did to my new mom.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep bugging him every chance I get.

6 thoughts on “Help a Guy Out [fiction guest post]

  1. Lenny Stevens, sure seems like a great guy to me! I believe that you (Steve) should let the poor guy have a story of his own. As a matter of fact if you don’t I may just have to write a story about you and we all know what happens to people in my stories!!

    1. Steve Campbell

      Hi Bruce. 4 things: First, thanks for commenting at my blog. Second, my apologies for the time it has taken me to reply to this. I took a small vacation from the Internet. Third, Lenny’s story is there and is waiting for me to chisel it out of the boulder it’s in. And fourth, if you write a story about me, make it one where I’m making enough money from my art and writing careers that I live on a yacht in the Mediterranean. That’d be cool!

  2. Keep writing and write a paragraph about me that you don’t have to publish, but make me 20 years old again—–Edi…Shott——–hurry before my body completely collapses.

    1. Steve Campbell

      Ed, I’ll make us both 20 years old again, though I was a better artist at that age than a writer.
      Thanks for commenting. And stay upright.

    1. Steve Campbell

      I’m glad you liked this piece and to know that you’ll be coming back. Thanks for commenting. I look forward to checking out your blog.

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