Happy Birthday, Me

Today is my birthday. Part of my celebration is having the day off and being alone. I intended to categorize old artwork, work on my next novel, and catch up on my reading—blogs included. That didn’t happen, though I did read a few blogs and hit the LIKE button a couple of times after I awoke from a lengthy nap.

Perhaps it’s age, but I nap more often than ever when I have a day off. I’m lethargic in winter, especially when February comes. But sleep—the kind uninterrupted during the night—has been lacking. I spent last month nursing myself from the flu and an old stomach ailment that includes a hiatal hernia and bouts with GERD, seemingly caused by a hyperactive thyroid that I’m taking medicine for. The whole affair left me awake and in pain at night, and feeling more tired than usual during the day. Azithromycin took care of the flu and maximum strength Zantac has alleviated most of my stomach ailment.

So with my stomach better maintained, I slept a few hours today, then checked my blog reader and ate a lunch guaranteed not to upset my stomach. I missed phone calls from my brother and dad while I slept, but I’ll call them tonight after my wife serves me a promised slice of birthday cake. I’m hoping for cake à la mode, but we’ll see.

The novel on my To Do list begs me to write it, so I’m hoping to tackle it during a coveted quiet day tomorrow. I promise to keep my readers and fans posted.

Meanwhile, speaking of readers, over one hundred have downloaded my last novel. But no one has reviewed it, which is perplexing. (The reviews are about the book when it was a short story.) Someone somewhere must have something to say about my novel—good or bad.

Nevertheless, I appreciate everyone who reads my books, especially the ones who have gambled on a relatively unknown author and bought my books. I hope someday more of you will send a few words my way.

Since I’m handing out gratitude, I’d like to acknowledge and thank everyone who follows me here, and to the few loyal stalwarts who like and comment on my posts, even when I’ve neglected to return the favor. Many of you were here when I started this blog four years ago, which makes me feel like we’ll be here four years from now, still reading, liking, and commenting on one another’s blogs.

Now, please excuse me. I have birthday gifts to open.

11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Me

  1. Lola

    Happy birthday Steve. I know I’m one of the guilty ones who promised you a book review but I’m still reading your novel in between work, the kids, and hubby.

    Hope you have a great day. 🙂

    1. Steve Campbell

      Thank you, Lola. Take your time with reading my novel; I know how busy/crazy life can be when married and raising a family. Those were great times in my life when my children were young and life was on-the-go 24/7; I cherish the memories now that I’m a grandfather and life has slowed down.

  2. Happy birthday Steve-o! I’m sorry I didn’t get a card made and sent. In any case, I saw your name on today’s date on the calendar and I thought of ya. 🙂

    1. Steve Campbell

      Thank you, Amy. It’s okay you didn’t send a card, though I admit that I love your homemade cards. I’d write more, but I just got back from birthday dinner/supper, so I’m feeling ready for another nap. I think I’m officially an old fart now.

    1. Steve Campbell

      It was a nice, relaxing day, Harry. Not to sound lazy, but I’d like another peaceful, napping day like today.

    1. Yay! Best of luck with your books. Re reviews there must some community of ebook writers that could support you in that? I have a NZ pal that has self-published a fantasy novel. Is that same genre as you? Let me know if you’d like a virtual intro. 🙂

  3. A rather inconvenient time to have a birthday, Steve; not so far from the Christmas indulgences and just before St Valentine’s Day. What with the weather we get in the Northern Hemisphere, seems like someone had it in for you even before you were born. I blame the parents myself. Still, I wish you a very Happy Birthday and hope you feel a lot better soon!

    Cake sounds good like good medicine for the birthday blues.

    1. Steve Campbell

      Thanks, Bryan. January and February seem like the worst months of the year here, so I have many gray memories of birthdays cooped up indoors while Old Man Winter dumped snow on us. Even my children complained about the weather during my birthdays while they and my wife planned dinners and movies out. Nothing more fun and relaxing than driving icy roads and trying to see through whiteouts. So we often stayed home, had cake and ice cream, and dreamed about summer … exactly what I did Tuesday. 🙂

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