A Buck Drawing In Pastel

Still going through old art files and finding old drawings that seem to have been done by another person. I mean, I know I did the artwork and can remember (vaguely at times) doing it, but it seems like I did it in another lifetime. And, I suppose, I did. I am no longer the person I was then.

I drew this pastel version of a whitetail buck in January, 1991 and gave it to a family member for their birthday gift.

I miss doing that. I spend a lot of time writing now. The drawings and paintings I do are always commissions. I think if I had a way to travel back in time like some of the characters in my books, I would go back to when I drew and painted for the simple joy of giving away my work. I suppose it was seeing all those smiles when they unwrapped their gifts that came not from the store but from the heart.

Pastel Buck Portrait
Pastel Buck Portrait, 1991

8 thoughts on “A Buck Drawing In Pastel

  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean. Luckily, I am fortunate enough to be able to avoid the world of commissions…or perhaps just not good enough. Either way, I am happy. It is fun to be able to look back and feel strange, I think.

    1. Steve Campbell

      It’s that “Did I do that?” feeling coupled with the sense of “I don’t recall it all that well … Must have been done by someone else!” An artists friend calls it “old timer’s disease.” 🙂

  2. this almost looks like a photograph, and yes I get those strange feelings too after I do a killer picture and look at it later on, thinking did I do this? I can so relate. nice job.

    1. Steve Campbell

      Thanks Roberta. I don’t do photographic realism very often, but this subject was so much fun to do that I got carried away.

      Love your dinos! 🙂

    1. Steve Campbell

      Thanks, Mark. This was one of my ventures in Photo Realism. I always paint loosely, so I had to “sell” myself to a gallery owner that I could show fine detail in my work. Not my favorite style, but it seems to attract attention more than my loosely executed work, which some people perceive as haphazard and sloppily done. Not true, and often more difficult to do than Photo Realism.

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