Free Book Friday [book news]

My eBook Night of the Hellhounds: A Ridgewood Novel is free at Amazon for the Kindle e-reader this Friday. You can download a copy directly by clicking on this link.

Here is the official cover I created for the book, so look for this cover when getting it.

The novel replaces a short story I had published 2013 at Amazon and is no longer in print. However, the short story is featured at the end of the novel, along with two other versions of the story—my gift to you.

Happy reading.

2 thoughts on “Free Book Friday [book news]

  1. I hope it’s a great success for you, Steven. Very cool cover– well done! (I say this even tho it’s making all the hair on my head stand straight up and vibrate and crackle and smoke like live wires!!) 🙂

    1. Steve Campbell

      Thanks Mark. The book seems to have been a success, considering how many people took advantage of the free giveaway. Now I await their reviews. No new ones in yet.

      Doing the cover was fun, though time consuming. Glad you like.

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