Sad Panther Drawing

While going through some old art files, I came across this pen and ink drawing of a black panther drawn February 14, 1982. I was learning the craft of illustration, clearly seen in the clumsiness you see in my execution. Still, it is a nice drawing, which is why I kept it. Also because it made my seven-month-old son laugh. After all these years, when I see this drawing, I still hear his giggles.


2 thoughts on “Sad Panther Drawing

    1. Steve Campbell

      Thanks Amy. The area around the whiskers is too wide, which bothers me every time I look at the drawing. But I remember where I was at as an artist when I drew this and I recall that I was really proud of what I had accomplished. Artists must never stop learning and growing (or get too full of themselves); once we stop (and think we know it all), our creativity dies, and so do we. I have never believed in the term Master Artist; we are all apprentices, always learning, always striving to be better, always falling short of perfection, but never giving up.

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