Vree’s Journal Entry 2 [fiction]

I was born April 30 to Charles and Karrie Erickson.

My Dad:

My father, Charles Erickson, is a lawyer. He was born 41 years ago on May 11 in New Cambridge PA where he grew up. His parents are attorney Benjamin Erickson (70, retired) and school teacher Katrina Erickson (67, retired). Dad’s older sister, Jane (45, graphic designer), lives in Cincinnati OH with husband Paul Watson and family. His younger sister, Michelle (43, kindergarten teacher), lives in Monroeville PA.

Dad graduated from New Cambridge High School at age 18 and then from New Cambridge University of Law at age 22. He met my mom at college and married her when he was 25. They moved to Myers Ridge the month after I was born.

He is tall (6’ 3”) and has blonde hair and blue eyes.

My Mom:

Karrie Erickson was born 37 years ago on November 19 in Ridgewood PA, the oldest of three daughters to architect Jonathan “Jack” Lybrook (66) and Ridgewood High School principal Evelyn Lybrook (64) of Alice Lake. Mom was a 4-year cheerleader for the football team at her high school.

She graduated Ridgewood High School at age 17 and attended New Cambridge University of Education. She graduated at age 21, receiving her teaching degree in secondary education. She met my dad Charles Erickson while at college and married him the summer after she graduated. She teaches 8th grade science at Ridgewood High School.

She is 5’ 4” tall, has auburn hair, and dark blue eyes.

My Maternal Grandfather:

My grandfather Jonathan “Jack” Lybrook is 66 years old, tall and thin at 6’ 2”, has gray hair, handsome blue eyes, and wears glasses.

Our house is a remodeled single-story house that he renovated before my parents bought it. Here is a photo of how it looks today:

A sheepherder and farmer named Ludwik Dekownik built the original house in 1890. His daughter Mara was a self-proclaimed witch. Although she is dead, some people believe her spirit haunts the house.

Grandpa Lybrook grew up in nearby New Cambridge. His brother Jerry lives in Albany NY with wife Alice and family. His mother Helen Lybrook is deceased and his 91-year-old father George lives at New Cambridge Retirement and Health Center, a senior care home.

My Maternal Grandmother:

My 64-year-old grandmother Evelyn Lybrook is short at 5’. She has short, gray-blonde hair and blue eyes. She is the principal at my school.

She grew up an only child to Benjamin and Verawenda Myers at an estate on Myers Ridge. Her parents vanished one day without a trace. No one knows what happened to them, though a crow named Luken (more on him later) says a witch, Mara Dekownik, killed them when Ben accidentally shot and killed her father during a hunting accident.

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