Vree’s Journal Entry 1 [fiction]


My name is Verawenda Renee Erickson. I am 15. My nickname Vree comes from my initials VRE. I am named after my maternal great-grandmother, Verawenda Myers. My middle name Renee is my maternal grandmother’s middle name.

I live with my mom and dad on Myers Ridge, in Ridgewood PA. Lightning struck me and now I see things no one else can.

I sometimes have difficulty remembering past events from my childhood. When I’m tired or really stressed, it’s difficult for me to know if I’m remembering real events, dreams, or plots from TV shows, movies, or books.

Though I try to hide it from others, my body emits white light when I’m anxious or excited. Crazy, I know. People are going to see it and think I’m a freak.

Myers Ridge:

Myers Ridge sits southwest of Ridgewood, the town I go to school at. Did I tell you my mom is a teacher there? Eighth grade science.

Myers Ridge is mostly old farmland with a few farms in operation, though farming is almost a vanished way of life. Second growth woods and fields fill much of the landscape. This is rural country life where lawnmowers are big and loud, tractors plow fields and harvest crops, small flower and vegetable gardens grow in every yard, and barbecues and lemonade are part of backyard activity, as well as swimming in outdoor pools. There’s also backyard camping, hiking in woods, and riding horses in summer. In winter, there’s deer hunting, plowing and shoveling snow, and sleds and snowmobiles to ride.

A Little More About Me:

I have straight, shoulder length blonde hair that I usually part in the middle. Mom won’t let me get a pixie cut. I’d really like short hair so it’d be easier to dry when I’m in a hurry to be somewhere. My eyes are listed on my birth announcement and student identification as green, but they are really blue-green and gray with amber flecks in them. Some days they are bluer, some days greener—the blue stands out if I wear white clothing, and the green stands out if I wear dark clothing. I am 5’ 3” tall and weigh around 85-90 pounds.

Why Did I Start A Journal?

Sometimes I wonder if I’m in an alternate reality. If so, it could explain why my skin glows and why I see things no one else sees. Like ghosts. What would you do if you found out you can see and hear and do paranormal things that most other people cannot? I need to record these things and prove that I’m not crazy. Being a teenage girl is hard enough. Your body goes through physical changes that make you look less like a teenager and more like a woman. And mine makes me look like a freak of nature, glowing in the dark. So I act as if nothing is wrong or different with me. But I secretly think about the past when I was innocent of the bad things in life, and I dream of a future where everything turns out right.

That’s all I want: to be normal again.

Journal Entry 2



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