Looking Forward to Autumn [book news]

People who are in direct contact with me know that I am busy planning a special 2014 re-release of my e-novel, Night of the Hellhounds.

“Night of the Hellhounds” began more than 30 years ago and has gone through various rewrites because the story continued to talk to me, especially when I was trying to sleep. “Night” or NOTH as it is called by some friends, is a story that took many years to write.

With a new cover in the works, I plan to have the new display on the Amazon e-bookshelf by October 30, just in time for Halloween.

Below is the inside flap/back cover blurb, though I may tweak it by the time NOTH hits the bookshelf, wearing its new cover.

Fifteen-year-old Vree Erickson’s life changes after lightning strikes her, kills her father, and burns down her family’s home. Her grandfather offers her and her family a place to live on Myers Ridge in Ridgewood, Pennsylvania. There, she sees a strange creature lurking in the shadows in town and tries to cope with the extrasensory perception and other psychic abilities the lightning sparked in her. After she and her family move into their new home, she encounters her father’s visiting spirit. He tells her that he is leaving to a higher existence and will not return for a long time. Before he goes, he tells her to be strong and warns her that she has a heavy burden ahead. Later, she learns from a witch’s book that the creature is a Roualens—a space creature marooned on our planet and invisible to most humans. As the Roualens begin to die, Vree makes psychic contact with one of the creatures and realizes that her act of seeing them drains their life force within minutes, and that she is responsible for their deaths. Meanwhile, also aware of Vree’s psychic abilities is Margga, the spirit of a witch who wants her power to free herself from imprisonment. Now Vree must risk her life to save the lives of Roualens, and herself from the vengeful Margga who wants to kill her and take her powers to wreak havoc on Myers Ridge and the town of Ridgewood.

Stay tuned for more about the new cover.

2 thoughts on “Looking Forward to Autumn [book news]

  1. What a unique premise!– now it’s gonna be talking to me when I’m trying to sleep!! The marketing plan to take advantage of Halloween sounds perfect. Hope it’s all proceeding apace!! 🙂

    1. Steve Campbell

      I reworked a chapter today, redid some artwork for the proposed cover, and reworked the rework … all at a fun pace and on schedule. It will be nice, though, when the work is finished and I’ll be able to rest a bit before the next project disturbs my sleep. 🙂

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