Time Off Is Rewarding

Despite all the fun I have writing, I have a lazy streak in me. It rears itself when I’m stressed out and tired from my job at the retail store. After a 6-day work week that included an onslaught of Memorial Day Weekend shoppers comparable to Black Friday’s illegitimate children, I spent all day yesterday recuperating from the madness.

Though I try to be energetic, I always return to my book projects feeling lazy when I’ve been idle for more than 48 hours from writing. That was the case this morning. I moved like a zombie and tried to pick up where I left off. I yawned a lot and caught myself daydreaming and writing dull and lifeless composition. By break time, I struggled to be the person who was eager, excited, and restless a few days ago to work again on my book projects.

Yep, getting back on track can be difficult. So I took a day off from the store and writing. I watched a movie, listened to some old music CDs, and even took a nap. Later, I found my creative mind percolating with new ideas and fun scenarios for chapters waiting to be written.

Several years ago, I posted this sign in my writer’s workplace: Remember to reward yourself for a job well done. Never feel guilty. I never feel guilty for taking time off from writing. Whether laying around the house with either a great book, excellent movie, or an exciting ballgame on TV, a recharge is the best reward writers (and artists) can give themselves.

We all need to reward ourselves. Never cheat yourself out of what’s yours.

2 thoughts on “Time Off Is Rewarding

  1. I can identify with the lazy streak, and “Black Friday’s illegitimate children” made me roar with laughter. Agreed: every creative needs rewards and recharge-breaks. And who, pray tell, deserves them more than us?? 🙂

    1. Steve Campbell

      Amen to rewards and recharge-breaks, Mark. Although I have to work during the 4th of July, I will have my recharge time. 🙂

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