Back to Writing [writing news]

I have a book deadline that I promised myself and my readers. That means I have to blog less and get back to the business of writing fiction. Writing stories is more demanding than either drawing or painting, and is certainly more stressful. I have never encountered anything more difficult than creating a book full of sentences that are structured well. As a poet-of-sorts, structuring sentences is an art form of choosing the right words for mood and clarity. Some days, the words come easily; other days, not so much. Meanwhile, I promise to not ignore my blog too much. I try to post every eight days, which gives me time to come up with ideas and then execute them when I’m not working on my stories.

Story writing—that act of structuring sentences well—takes a big chunk of time from my days and nights, even to the point that I have to set my alarm clock to keep appointments. You readers old enough to remember the old Blondie movies would rightfully compare me to Dagwood as I rush out my door to get to places on time. Luckily, I have never run over my mailman.

But the same alarm clock reminds me to keep my blog active, and that has been becoming difficult to do. So to my followers I say, be patient if I go a while without posting. As I used to say when I was a radio deejay in the 1970s, “Stay tuned. Lots more on its way.”