Halcyon Days

A gentle breeze caresses leaves,
swirls past children playing in meadows,
and whispers ancient language
on a beautiful warm summer eve.

The setting sun brings her special kiss:
a fiery burst across the hems of satin blue dresses
of angel-looking clouds,
A mist falls from the east.

A woman laughs. She loves. She watches rain sprinkle her lawn in a soft caress.

Long shadows dance and grow longer
around blue-eyed Mary dropping off to sleep.
A noble thunder quickens some to retreat indoors
where windows shine as whitest gold.

The increasing darkness stirs the lonely to reach out to friends.
Lovers hold each other close,
sharing an ancient communication
while the pattering rain adds a gentle nocturne to their world.

Rain on us, they say, and the woman agrees: Rain on us all.

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