Fiddling [book and writing news]

Thanks to all who have taken time from your busy schedules to comment and email me about my art and books. Extra thanks to those of you who found mistakes in my books — all of them were minor but the corrections improved the products a thousandfold.

Extra thanks to you who have commented your likes and dislikes. Publishing on my own with almost no guidance from my peers has been a HUGE learning process, and I have made plenty of mistakes so far. But your excellent comments / suggestions have made me a better self-published author and working my best to get better.

Also, as if I didn’t have enough on my plate, I plan to post more short stories here at my website and author them at Amazon. Shorts were common when I was young, when pulp magazines were alive, especially detective, sci-fi, and monster magazines. Unlike novels, short stories rarely answered the story question of whether someone lived happily ever after at the end, or if the monster was actually dead by the time you finished reading the final sentence. They were morsels, like the sugar glazed holes of the bigger doughnuts. That is what made them fun to read. Hurray for e-books bringing short stories back to the market.

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