I’m Still Writing and Making Art

This is a short post to let you know that I have been busy and having fun writing and publishing my e-books. Follow this link to my new Amazon author page for more info about my books.

I have also been busy creating the covers for my books and having a great time being in the designer’s seat again. Here is the cover for my recent book featuring Vree Erickson and Lenny Stevens.

All this busy-ness has left me little time keeping abreast with all my wonderful WordPress friends. I have some new followers and I’m excited to visit your pages and discover the talent you offer there.

Meanwhile, stay true to your calling, everyone. Let no one counsel you otherwise. 🙂

3 thoughts on “I’m Still Writing and Making Art

  1. I’d say you’ve found the perfect outlet for your artistic and writing talents. Sincere congrats! I’m absolutely delighted to see you become a published author. It’s inspiring. I can well imagine all the time and effort in putting a book together. Most impressive, Steven– here’s wishing you tremendous success! 🙂

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