About Kismet [book news]

I took a break from teen literature for my latest book, which is retooling of a story I wrote many years ago.

You can read various versions of Kismet here at my website, as well as buy the $.99 version at Amazon (follow this link). Like all my stories, I fiddled with Kismet for many years, trying to get it right. It wasn’t until I read an article about Joseph Campbell’s The Power of Myth that I found the story’s proper Journey.

I first wrote Kismet in 1988, put it in a drawer and left it there until 2002 when I joined my local writing club. I shared the story with the group and they encouraged me to edit it. I did, with Joseph Campbell’s structured framework as a guide. Then the group encouraged me to self-publish it for a group book show and sale. So, I used a desktop publishing program on my computer to format the pages, and then I printed them from my printer. The story was too long for me to bind its pages with staples, so I edited it to a shortened version. I even shortened the names of some of my characters along the way. I was able to staple the new version, so I printed 20 copies until I ran out of ink.

Kismet became an instant local bestseller and some customers even asked me to autograph their copies. I sold all 20 copies at $10 each, gave most of the money to the club’s treasury, and set about writing more books. I haven’t looked back since.

The book’s eerie Ridgewood, Pennsylvania, is based on my earlier creation, Ravenwood. Both are fictional towns based on the town where I grew up. Although my hometown was never as spooky as either Ravenwood or Ridgewood, it did have a peculiar abundance of “haunted” houses and stray black cats running the streets.

Finally, a heartfelt Thanks to all of you who have taken time to read my stories and email me with criticism and encouragement. This really means a lot to me, knowing that you care about my stories.

I’m Still Writing and Making Art

This is a short post to let you know that I have been busy and having fun writing and publishing my e-books. Follow this link to my new Amazon author page for more info about my books.

I have also been busy creating the covers for my books and having a great time being in the designer’s seat again. Here is the cover for my recent book featuring Vree Erickson and Lenny Stevens.

All this busy-ness has left me little time keeping abreast with all my wonderful WordPress friends. I have some new followers and I’m excited to visit your pages and discover the talent you offer there.

Meanwhile, stay true to your calling, everyone. Let no one counsel you otherwise. 🙂