First Kindle Publication [book news]

I hope everyone had a safe and happy beginning to your new year.

Pardon me for being away from WordPress for so long. I spent the past month learning about publishing on Amazon and had to give it a go. Ever since my wife got her Kindle, I have been interested in publishing some of my stories there. So, I took one of my favorite tales and tweaked it a bit and sent it off to Amazon.

Here it is: Night of the Hellhounds. If you buy and read my creation, please leave a review at Amazon.

By the way: I did the cover art. Not bad, I think, though I may do better when I convince myself to send another story, perhaps in the near future.

Please be aware that this endeavor may be temporary. I am testing the waters of self-publishing at Amazon right now so my family and friends can read my stories on their Kindle e-readers. I wish I could offer them free, but Amazon doesn’t seem to offer that option.

Anyway, feedback would be awesome, so remember to drop me either a line or a review if you read my story. Thanks.

By the way, the town Ravenwood is called Ridgewood in the book. And I accidentally spelled Vree’s last name as Erickson, a typo that I have decided to leave alone. In fact, I like the spelling, so I may decide to use it permanently from now on.

4 thoughts on “First Kindle Publication [book news]

    1. Steve Campbell

      After I did the cover as a black and white illustration for Kindle, I knew I had to have it in color. 😀

    1. Steve Campbell

      Thank you. I would request you to write a review at Amazon but a fellow writer admonished me for soliciting reviews at Facebook. Says it is bad form. But I can be a devil, so… 😉

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