Second Kindle Book [book news]

Soon after I published Night of the Hellhounds (my first e-book, which features teenager Lenny Stevens and his friends) to Amazon’s Kindle, I received emails from some young customers wanting me to publish another story. So, I aimed for a February release and began working on a Vree Erickson story that had sat on the rewrite table in my writing room for many years. After several fixes and five days of editing and plot rewrites, I sent it to my main beta reader who tweaked some minor errors. Then, with the cover finished, I sent the story off to Amazon.

Here it is, not a February release, but no matter: Trespassing. As before, I ask that if you buy and read it, please leave a review either at Amazon or here. Reviews that include things that did and didn’t resonate with you will help gauge my direction as a professional writer, so I would love hearing from you.

Since my family cannot leave reviews, I’m happy to report that they seem to like the story, even though it’s aimed at a young, teenage audience.

Milestones [book news]

As soon as I began writing a new post for next week, I was informed that this blog received 500 likes. To celebrate and let everyone know about this achievement, I did a Happy Dance a few minutes ago, and then wrote this post titled Milestones.

Other milestones today are:

  • I finished creating the cover for my second e-book, Trespassing. Lots going on in the illustration, but when you read the story you’ll see why.
  • I’ve quadruple-checked spelling and sentence structure in the manuscript. All seems up to par, which means I may publish to Kindle sooner than expected.
  • I’ve included a bonus short story at the end of this one.
  • Having fun.

Publication is slated for February, but I may publish next week. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, may your days be blessed.

A Fine Reception [book news]

Last week, barely hours after I had Night of the Hellhounds published to Amazon’s Kindle, I received 3 or 4 emails from customers with inquiries about me publishing another story. I am now updating another story and plan making it available in February.

Meanwhile, I am planning on adding more to my Ravenwood stories here. That may take longer than I expected now that I seem to have a new purpose in life. Also, my paints and brushes are calling me. Looks like idleness will never be a problem for me. 🙂

First Kindle Publication [book news]

I hope everyone had a safe and happy beginning to your new year.

Pardon me for being away from WordPress for so long. I spent the past month learning about publishing on Amazon and had to give it a go. Ever since my wife got her Kindle, I have been interested in publishing some of my stories there. So, I took one of my favorite tales and tweaked it a bit and sent it off to Amazon.

Here it is: Night of the Hellhounds. If you buy and read my creation, please leave a review at Amazon.

By the way: I did the cover art. Not bad, I think, though I may do better when I convince myself to send another story, perhaps in the near future.

Please be aware that this endeavor may be temporary. I am testing the waters of self-publishing at Amazon right now so my family and friends can read my stories on their Kindle e-readers. I wish I could offer them free, but Amazon doesn’t seem to offer that option.

Anyway, feedback would be awesome, so remember to drop me either a line or a review if you read my story. Thanks.

By the way, the town Ravenwood is called Ridgewood in the book. And I accidentally spelled Vree’s last name as Erickson, a typo that I have decided to leave alone. In fact, I like the spelling, so I may decide to use it permanently from now on.