I’m Filling Boxes and Living Full and Appreciative

During my spare time from my 9-to-5 job and writing, drawing and painting, I have been going through boxes and ridding my home of clutter accumulated over the years. It’s a slow process because I have been kicking up old bones from my past; some laid to rest a long time ago, but fun to hold and look at again and reminisce, nonetheless. They are, in no particular order

  • notebooks and report cards and yearbooks from high school
  • half-filled diaries and journals proclaiming my passions and phobias and dreams and desires
  • old baseball cards and comic books
  • newspaper clippings of baseball and softball stats from when I played high school and county ball
  • sketches and drawings and oh-so-many failed paintings
  • lyrical poetry I wrote from 1971 to 1979 when I was a poet in love with music
  • college awards
  • clippings of my art shows and ribbons won
  • lesson plans and lists of students I taught
  • hundreds of photos of family and friends, the near and far away places I visited, and people both here and there I barely remember

—boxes filled with evidence of the person I was.

I was the excited child that jumped from bed in the morning and embraced the world fully, grew to marvel the things it offered, and continued to jump from bed in the mornings.

I still rise from bed excited, though not as quickly as fifty years ago when I fell in love with nature, or forty years ago when I fell in love with words and art and photography. But I rise with the same excitement, ready to explore life and make greatness from the day with the tools at my reach. I’m a child at heart, still eager to explore and have fun, even when moments have their pitfalls and setbacks.

The Romans said “Carpe diem” about living each day to the fullest and appreciating each moment. I think we all should go each day, no matter our age, and embrace the world, explore it, and have fun. That’s my plan today, tomorrow, and the rest of my life; and to keep filling boxes of the person I was.

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