The Sea On Her Honeymoon

The sea on her honeymoon
was nearly silent around her

A faint skitter of fiddler crabs on the sand
connected to a familiar murmur of the night-wind
breathing on the palm trees behind her

Her lover tide blew wet kisses at her
teasing her to swim in its sway
and strike up merriment

But the beach sighed like aching earth
and told her to behave,
to never trespass where she went

It takes a million ocean waves to birth an inch of sand.

She kept half-awake the anguished spirit of self-love
and told him about her new-found husband—
the sky Akume drenched rain upon her like red-hot embers from the brand

The torrent paled—a broken trail of sparks danced in the overcast,
a splash of crimson paint so frail it could never last

But sunup broke on the horizon
Her marriage ceremonies had ended
They left like a dream to a brand-new day

2 thoughts on “The Sea On Her Honeymoon

  1. Steve Campbell

    Thanks Mark. This was fun to write as it allowed me to play with words to evoke the emotions that come with new love and that gut feeling that life is going to be good after marriage.

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