Conroy’s Corner Comic Strip

Conroy’s Corner, a Comic Strip

I was 29 when I began majoring in art at college, and I was eleven years older than my classmates. I shuttled to classes at the mainstream campus AND the satellite campus for older degree-seeking students. Because of my age, I was excluded from much of the mainstream campus life. From that exclusion the genesis of Conroy’s Corner occurred.

I drew Conroy’s Corner from 1987 to 1989 while I observed college life from the outside looking in. I founded a newspaper at the satellite campus and published my cartoons there. Being moderately poetic, I was also its editor-in-chief. My readers became a receptive audience for the plights of Bruce Conroy who was part of the mainstream college life and fell shy understanding the dilemma of someone encaged by the unimaginative and conformist academia establishment.

Conroy Protest

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