Do you remember how we crept along fences young together
stumbling through to the other side of eternity
never thinking we would ever become middle-aged

Do you recall homesick high-school weeks making us feel gentle
like days of a last breathless uncertain chord played—
a warm rich memory from an old woman’s concert piano

Do you remember solos
Where did they go

Too much, too many are stored within the unraveling fabric of a vanishing time

Solid silver lively youths are gone to now grace hopefully this little time for writing verse

Neither of us will ever be really old
or wholly separated as we move into our later years
clutching at our memories
unless we do forget

2 thoughts on “Remembering

    1. Steve Campbell

      “Remembering” is a sophisticated version of “Time,” a poem I wrote at college. I don’t think I ever posted the latter here at ArtWritingLife. I will have to remedy that. 👍👍

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