Writing Is An Obsession

I love to write stories—the fulfilling process of creating life from the imagination.

Currently, though, writing stories is an obsession. I live it, breathe it, consume it—am absolutely possessed by the “thing’s” very essence. Ideas for plots and characters bubble in my mind. Yes, I’m the guy with the blank stare that fell out of conversation five minutes ago, or awoke in the middle of the night and nearly knocked over the lamp while turning it on because a delicious story idea came to mind.

Even on days when I’m in my basement office working on a story, I’m obsessed with new ideas. And when I’m done for the day and I’m heading for bed, my stories call out at me from my office to go back to work. After all, I still have one more word to add, one more sentence to fix, one more paragraph to tweak, one more chapter to write…