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A Night of Hellhounds: A Vree Erickson Short Story
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Old Bones: A Collection of Short Stories
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Kismet: A Ridgewood Tale
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Margga’s Curse: A Vree Erickson Novel, Book One
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Hi. I’m a wildlife and landscape artist, cartoonist, poet, and independent author of fantasy fiction.

I began my art career as a wildlife and landscape artist and a cartoonist for independent newspapers. I have also been a photographer, illustrator and art teacher.

I drew cartoons for my local independent newspapers for several years. My favorites are in the Art Blog section.

I’m also a self-published author. I write small-town suburban country fantasy fiction, which features a strange town I call Ridgewood. It began many years ago as Ravenwood (an honor to Edgar Allan Poe). My stories are in the Books section. Many of them have a reoccurring character named Vree Erickson (sometimes spelled Erikson). My stories span nearly a lifetime of writing.

The Blogs

Below are direct links to my blogs, which I have grouped under ART Blog, WRITING Blog, and LIFE Blog.

ART Blog

Exclusive drawings, paintings … and comic strips.

I Imagine. I Create. I Become.”


Exclusive stories not published anywhere else, insider info about my books and their release dates, and some of my poetry, which has garnered an award or two.

Writing is my passion. These are my stories.”


My life as an artist, writer and author, with selected insights, observations, and opinions — all me!

What goes into the mind comes out in life.”


Email me with any questions or inquiries. Or leave your questions, inquiries and comments on my About page; I love hearing from my readers and fans.

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