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This website has lots of Art, Photography, Fiction, some Poetry, and bits of Commentary. Honest. True story.

I am a semi-retired wildlife and landscape artist, cartoonist, poet, and independent author of fantasy fiction. I love making pictures and writing stories. I keep the art and writing processes separate, though I have an inkling to illustrate my writing someday.

Making art came first when I drew on everything with pencils and crayons. Writing came later when I wrote my first short story in fourth grade. I have been writing and illustrating ever since.

I am a wildlife and landscape artist by profession, though my CV includes photographer, illustrator and teacher. I fell in love with teaching while I was a college student when I began a side career teaching workshops to other students, young and old.

Drawing cartoons is another passion. I never pursued syndication, but a local newspaper featured my comics for several years, which became popular with its readers. My favorite ones are in the Art Blog section.

I am a self-published author. I write fantasy fiction that I call small-town suburban country fantasy fiction, which features a strange little town I call Ridgewood. It began years ago as Ravenwood (an honor to Edgar Allan Poe). My Ridgewood and Ravenwood stories are in the Writing Blog section. Many of them have a reoccurring character named Vree Erickson. Sometimes her last name is spelled Erikson. My stories span a lifetime of writing.

I hope you enjoy my website and choose to follow me on this journey. I look forward to hearing from you.

                January 3, 2011

The Blogs

Welcome to the section of my website where things get personal—my online diary/journal of art, writing, and life. The content of my blogs typically includes photos and occasionally scans from old hard copy documents. I haven’t included any videos or animated GIFs, but I may try my hand at putting up some videos of my art in the future. We’ll see.

Steven L Campbell is my true identity, not an anonymous persona, so I’m reluctant to go too personal about me in the Life part of my blog. A person needs their privacy. Nuff said.

Overall, I want to simply share my interests and hobbies with the world … if the world will have me.

Below are links to my blogs for everyone who doesn’t want to use the menu.

The Blogs

Art Blog – A plethora of my drawings, paintings … even some comic strips.

Writing Blog – Selected writing by yours truly. I began self-publishing my fiction and poetry years ago when I was in high school. I did the same in college, and I continued it when I started my first website in 1994. My author names have been Steve Campbell, Steven Campbell, Steven L Campbell, and Campbell Stevens.

Life Blog – Here you can find selected insights, observations, and opinions about life in general—the personal but not-too-personal stuff.

News ~ Updates – I have included news and updates about my art, books publications, sales, offers, where to buy, etc., for everyone who wants to stay abreast of my endeavors.



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